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Hi my melancholia is back welp

anyways: because I caught the travel bug and I have been very bored, I have been updating and keeping up with other blogs about my ~*life*~ (although slowly editing and updating)

so check it outtt I guess

my summer is so boring. I’m too busy making travel plans when I come back to England…and for next summer lol

I feel like… I’m most happiest escaping “home” for awhile, go somewhere and travel there alone… 

I don’t know, maybe meet new people and pour my life “story” without having fears of judgments because I know I most likely will not see them again but it’s always nice to talk to someone. 

Or sit in a cafe in a city that I barely know, skim through a menu not knowing what to order and eventually order something, and feeling the excitement of the food that’s about to be given. Maybe write in my journal while I witness and experience the locals and tourists shuffling through the city with their own life and going-ons. 

Go to a museum or gallery, and ponder about life. Sit on a beach or park, close my eyes, listening to the sounds surrounding me. 

I’m wasting my time here at “home”. I barely have any friends here that I would enjoy hanging out with and telling my current thoughts to… I don’t have access to transportation to escape for awhile. Everything to do with journeys and adventures involves asking my parents for consent… I miss England. 

Canterbury Cathedral (by Fariah.)

Canterbury Cathedral (by Fariah.)

It’s hilarious that prior to my mini 1 week solo trip, I would get negative responses from friends and people in general (except for 1 friend who didn’t mind but wouldn’t do it).

Replies include: 

In reality:


travelling solo is the best thing, and I get sad when people who really want to travel cancel their travel plans just because their friends drop out, and they are too scared to travel solo. I even know someone who had planned to travel all the way around the UK this summer, but sort of cancelled it as a friend of hers drop out due to ‘it’s expensive’… sigh

Canterbury Cathedral (by Fariah.)

Canterbury Cathedral (by Fariah.)

Travelling solo has been the best decision I have made, and I can’t wait to backpacking for 3 months (?) next summer all over most parts of Europe.

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