when you meet some people and have that sort of love at first sight feeling except it’s not love but more like ‘You seem really interesting and I want to be your friend’ sort of thing. 


Nourish Bowl / Recipe

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as pretentious this sounds (maybe) I have yet to find a guy around my age to have a capable deep conversation and connect with. I find the only type of guys I can have this sort of interaction are usually slightly a few years older than me or when we are both out of our comfort zone…travelling, backpacking or something…

Walks along the countryside last Saturday the 27 of September 2014


Avocado Pasta

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I think one the biggest mistakes made before starting uni is that we are made to believe that freshers week is the best week of your life…that it’s a must to coerced yourself to socialise as much as possible, go to most and all social events to make yourself in place, feel ‘cool’, stick and cling yourself to the same people you met during that week…

Looking back…I really tried so hard during my freshers week and maybe my freshers year. I guess expectations are really high when you deprived yourself from these things or you are told over and over again that freshers week is some sort of legendary thing that it’s essential to experience, and if you missed out you must be a boring person. It’s a stupid belief and idea really…and looking back I wish I didn’t make the whole uni culture such a huge deal. 

At present…I find clubbing a bit dull? (although I like partying/clubbing when I travel I guess but that’s a different story). I find people who make such a huge deal about going out all the time a bit dull??? (going out as in clubbing every night lol) although I’m not generalising all just a portion. 

I miss travelling so much and I have lost count on how many times I have said this


Conrad Jon Godly

Zwischen Himmel und Erde


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Your shadow follows me all day

Making sure I’m okay and

We’re a million miles away

I’m about to cry

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